The Maple Proposal

A fundamental concept for a sustainable "Two-State" solution to the question of Palestine.

Give them ˹O Prophet˺ an example of two men. To “the disbelieving one” we gave two gardens of grapevines, which we surrounded with palm trees and placed “various” crops in between.

Surah Alkahf 18-32

Each garden yielded all its produce, never falling short. And we caused a river to flow between them.

Surah Alkahf 18-33


                    وَٱضْرِبْ لَهُم مَّثَلًۭا رَّجُلَيْنِ جَعَلْنَا لِأَحَدِهِمَا جَنَّتَيْنِ مِنْ أَعْنَـٰبٍۢ وَحَفَفْنَـٰهُمَا بِنَخْلٍۢ وَجَعَلْنَا بَيْنَهُمَا زَرْعًۭا ٣٢

                                                           كِلْتَا ٱلْجَنَّتَيْنِ ءَاتَتْ أُكُلَهَا وَلَمْ تَظْلِم مِّنْهُ شَيْـًۭٔا ۚ وَفَجَّرْنَا خِلَـٰلَهُمَا نَهَرًۭا

A conceptual outline for a Two State Solution to the Israel / Palestine conflict


“Why? Why should I seek peace? He has wronged me. I am content to kill. I am content to exist within the rage that fuels my life. What could peace offer me, or my family? If I offer my hand, surely I, and my family, will be struck down, or worse. No, peace is for the weak. Peace will take my home, peace will rob me of my daily bread, peace will kill me, and my family.”

Peace in the Middle East is not some idealistic light switch that one simply flips on.
With both the Israelis and the Palestinians locked within intractable philosophical positions, unyielding and unwilling to change, what possibly could be next?

Have we reached the point of no return? Is peace within the Middle East no longer possible?

Is the idea, the belief, that a region with limited natural resources, and chronic, generational levels of economic suffering fueling the fire of hatred, can somehow find a way to end the systemic hatred and mistrust impossible, and naive? 

Are the words of Benjamin Netanyahu going to remain salient, and final? “You can not make peace when the other side is not interested.” 

Or is there, perhaps, an opportunity for one last attempt at reconciliation?

One last effort, no matter how difficult the task may appear, toward creating a fundamental outline for a “Two-State,” peace plan? 

What if a realistic outline for an effective Peace Plan was presented? 

Would it force both the Israeli government and the Palestinian Leadership to finally take the first step toward peace and prosperity?

A single step, so that the common man, and woman, who toils under the hot sun each and every day, may create a better life.

For the ever-optimistic, the answer must remain an unqualified Yes. Because not to try one last time would be a surrender to the forces of darkness that feed upon the anger and hatred that lives within all men and women.

But where does it start? Where does a viable Peace Process begin? It may appear a simple exercise to point a finger at one side, and state with a clear voice, “You’re to blame,” but it does nothing to solve the problem.

Stolen land. Yes. But, to paraphrase a cinematic quote, “Crying foul over land seized in war, especially within the Middle East, is like trying to hand out speeding tickets at a Formula One race.”

Rather than spiraling into a rage-filled tantrum, and destroying your home while attempting to destroy your neighbors’, taking a deep breath, and making a small attempt at figuring out how to solve the land dispute, so that you could then build a proper fence, would be more productive?

On an even more fundamental level, perhaps something as simple as trying to reduce the ugly, and toxic rhetoric, being expounded by extremists on both sides, would be viable a starting point to taking the first step toward acknowledging the other side?

Because it would appear fairly obvious that both the Israelis and Palestinians need to agree to a fundamental shift in rhetoric before any strategic acknowledgment of each party’s right to exist can be put forward.

Perhaps words as simple as, “We are open to new ideas for Peace,” would signal to all people within both societies that now is the time for a resolution?

If words do matter, and Palestinian Leadership truly desires full Nation-State status, they are going to have to come to terms with one fundamental reality. If you constantly tell your neighbor, “I’m going to kill you!” eventually they’re going to listen.

And once your neighbor hears, and learns to live with the constant threat of annihilation, it becomes extremely difficult to form any kind of trust required to effect the changes you desire.

If words do matter, and Israeli Leadership truly desires full Partner status, they are going to have to come to terms with one fundamental reality. If you constantly tell your neighbor, “I’m not going to share, or be reasonable,” eventually they’re going to listen.

History has taught us many things, unfortunately, it has taught us all too well that rhetoric is a fickle beast. In the beginning, it is a powerful tool that strikes fire within the populace. In the end, it becomes the very thing that consumes entire societies while only hardening your enemy’s political and societal stance.

 If words do matter, then perhaps now is time for both sides to clearly state, We are open to “New ideas for Peace,” so that together we may find a way to make the desert Bloom, not Boom.